So the Blog Begins – Who am I and Why Blog?

Hi there!

Short introduction: My name is Amy, I’m 20 and I’m from West Yorkshire, England.

Lets just say I’m slightly nervous sat her right now, writing this. I’ve always wanted to start a blog, and have previously tried to but anxiety got the better of me; who will read my blog? Does anyone care what I have to say? But the new year came and I thought to myself screw what others think I want to do this for me!

I created It’s All About Amy because I want to document this important part of my life. In the next couple of years I will; graduate from university (2018), get my first full time job (2018), buy my first house with my fiancé Ben (2019), get a dog (still convincing Ben on this one) and then get married (2020)!!! Hopefully a lot more exciting things will happen in between.

My aim for this blog is to share all of these experiences with an audience (hopefully). Of course there will be mad experiences that happen on the way and I hope to document and share what is the rollercoaster of life.

This blog will feature my travels, this year I already have plans to go to; Krakow, Fuertaventura, Ireland and Scotland, and hopefully there will be more spontaneous trips along the way I can share with you all. I will also share some throwback travels and stories throughout this journey, such as Cuba – an extra special trip from last year, where Ben proposed. But I will save that story for another day!

As well as all of these massive parts of my life, I will also share smaller, everyday elements with you. Such as my likes, dislikes, clothes I buy (prior warning this is a lot), make up and skin care routines and bits and bats I enjoy writing about.

I love reading other people’s blogs and would love to think I could bring this same feeling to at least one person!

Well I think I’ve said enough for now but I can’t wait to get this blog going and share more of my life with you all!

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this and get to know me. I hope you continue to share this journey with me!

Amy xxx


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton